Friday, 31 August 2012


Bored with work…
Bored with extra work...
Bored with endless work…
Bored with unnecessary work…
Bored with anything related to work…

ps: just wanna rest my mind!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Friday, 9 March 2012

Go Tebuan! Brunei Wins!!!!

2 - 0
THAT IS ONE HELL OF A GAME~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Monday, 5 March 2012

Tuition tuition tuition~

Ah, Monday comes again!  Its time to continue tuitioning for the next three nights.  Oh man, if it wasn't for the money, I wouldn't do tuition, I'm just way tired from work and just need to be with my family at night.  My wife told me to be patient about it and I might not have to do this next year.  Hope I have enough energy to last the next three nights, go go go~!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Damia's Fav Movies

ps: hehe.. these are some of Damia's favourite movies, I usually use all these movies to distract her while I do some work at home… and you probably wondering why Grease 2 and The Mummy are in the list hehehe.. well for grease 2, she likes the musics and for the Mummy, she likes the actions hehehe…~

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sharing My Fav Movies….~

Oh my Allah, I dunno how to begin with this one… Back to the Future Trilogy is probably one of the movies that I can never forget in my entire life.  When this movie was out, it was on the old-style video cassettee… and my dad had the collection trilogy box set… there were 4 videos and the last one was "behind the scene" videoclips, it was so cool back then.

I remember I was in Form 2 when the first movie came out.  We were watching this during our English lesson :P my teacher seems to be lazy and brought us all into the AVA room and it happens that one of our pinoy friend (Meldonne) brought the tape to school.  I was so interested in the movie that I asked my auntie to rent it out for us and I kept watching it over and over again.  Damn!

Hahaha.. yeah this one always put a smile on my face :P who could have thought that a straight man can act like a real woman.  Its not about him turning into a woman, but how he plays it and joke around… ahahah priceless!

Eddie Murphy lately went down the dumps with his new movies but he makes a very good impression as a cartoon character such as Mushu from Mulan and Donkey from Shrek :) But this movie also brings lots of laugh factor, I love the part where the whole family (all played by Eddie) just sit down for dinner and talks about LOTS of stuff, ahahah praise the lord! hehhaahah

I always have fascinated about life thousand of years ago in Egypt.  The Mummy 1 & 2 have delivered a nice tale on ancient Pharaoh empire.  Such a nice twist to the story and also the fun factor.  Not really thrill about the third franchise of this movie though… replacing Evelyn with someone else is a total wreck and the story line.. about a chinese dictator.??? where's the mummy in that ahahahah

Oh man! Need I say more… this movie, probably one of the most priceless and unforgettable movie of all time.  I remember watching this when I was in Form 6.  I remember it because it was a treat from our Newsletter club for doing so well in the club and watched it with all the members of our club :) aaah, memories….

ps: these are not the only movies I like, I have lots but just to share some that I watch a lot :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Meringue and Macaroon~

Its baby Damia day out hehehe.. she has been quite moody lately, crying most of the time… I guess its her phase or something huhu… anyway, we went to the Mall in gadong and do a little bit of jalan-jalan hehe….

We saw this small cafe near Rizqun hotel at level 2 and my eyes immediately goes to the nice set of macaroons and meringue.. slurrrp! looks so nice and yummy… so we decided to buy some and my god, its so sweet and so good… I ordered root beer as my drink and funnily, after tasting the macaroons and meringue, my root beer tastes awfully tasteless, as if all the sugar in it has gone hahahaha!!!  Gotta lay off sweet stuff for a couple of days then hehehehe….

ps: baby Damia kinda like this food but soon cries ahhehehe….~

Kena Beringat~

Ni lah satu perkara yang dah semakin berkurangan dikalangan masyarakat moden sekarang.  Susah sangat nak respek kat sapa-sapa.  Baru-baru ni zal ader kena call oleh sorang lelaki ni, sebab dulu ada jual keta yang masih dibawah nama zal, dah tu dia nak tukar milik.  Dia call zal… siap cakap "kau kau" dengan zal, dah tu, nak jumpa dia ikut sesuka hati dia je, macam la zal ni takde hal sendiri… punya lah hangin satu badan.  Tu lah, apa-apa pun, kalau kita bercakap dengan stranger ni, at least, mulakan lah dengan cara kata yang sopan dan respek.  Sebab tu lah yang akan menyatakan siapa diri kita ni.

ps: dah terbiasa dengan respek ni… hehehe.. bila orang tak bagi, mesti hangin! hehehe~

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Out of tune~

Aahh, bosan arr masa ni, koleksi lagu yang Zal ader, semua dah outdated, tak tau nak download apa lagi dah, sejak kawen ni, alam musik pun dah ketinggalan hehehe sapa-sapa ada idea lagu-lagu yang best, tolong la kongsi ok :)

ps: lagu yg masih berkumandang dalam kereta mostly lagu Judika hehehe~

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A litte bit too tired~

Been very tired lately, not just physically but mentally as well.  Semalam waktu zal balik keje pukull 5.30pm, tak semena-mena, kunci keta dah hilang…. alamak! mana dah letak kunci keta ni pulaaaaak, naik turun bangunan cari kunci ditempat zal pernah bersinggah, tak jumpa jugak!….

Last-last, jumpa gak kunci tu, tau tak kat mana zal jumpa… Kunci tu masih terpacak didalam keta zal dan enjin keta masih ON… gila betul, camner la zal boleh lupa cabut kunci tu dan tak sedar keluar keta tak bawak tutup enjin… ni mesti penat punya pasal kan, haiyoo cepat la cuti sekolah ni, nak rehat cukup-cukup…

Baby Damia pulak batuk-batuk sekarang, tak suker sangat, maybe later zal pi klinik bawak dia jumpa doktor, hopefully nothing serious lah…

ps: ok tu je lah dulu, bukan selalu pun hapdet blog ni :P